In the NR WEB control panel you’ll discover a user friendly website generation tool that you can make use of to develop a brand new, stylish site on your own. It’s really plain to follow, even if you aren’t well versed in web development. The tool offers an array of website templates available in numerous color setups that you could change in line with your taste. And last but not least, your website will appear excellent on all devices!

The website generation tool is included with all Linux shared service, Linux VPS servers, Linux semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers packages which come with the NR WEB Web Control Panel.

An uncomplicated website generation tool

No programming know–how is necessary

The goal of our website generation tool is to make website development straightforward and to let you design a good–looking website without the need to write even a single line of HTML or CSS, or any other programming languages.

You are able to do all that with the help of layout components which you could add to each website theme and then modify and re–order as you like. Plus, you can delete the elements you no longer want with just a click. If you wish to make your site more inviting, you could instantly add videos and images, or even a discussion board to it.

Plus, everything works smoothly.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A collection of easy–to–re–design designs

Modern–looking templates that look excellent on every device

Using the website generation tool, you’ll have access to variety of free site themes for all types of websites such as personal profiles, e–stores, discussion boards, etc.

Every website template is available in a variety of designs and has multiple color setups. Plus, you will have access to a decent set of ready–made images and will have the opportunity to select from more than a hundred fonts for your website. Each site template is fit for devices. Should you wish to substitute a given template, you’ll be able to complete that within seconds. All of the pages and tweaks you have made will be carried over.

A collection of easy–to–re–design designs