To maintain a rapidly loading web site, you should have a clean and well written backend code. Inside the Web Control Panel, you’ll find a number of instruments that can help you boost your web site’s efficiency without having to revise anything in the backend code. The Site Accelerator Tools – Node.js, Memcached and Varnish won’t just help you to deliver better loading rates to your visitors and therefore decrease site exit volumes, but will also push your site higher in the search engine results.

To implement the Site Accelerator Tools, just sign into your Web Control Panel and create an instance for the accelerator you want.


RAM–caching as opposed to database calls

The Memcached tool is great for boosting site streaming rates by storing the database data that is required from your visitors. It is an amazing distributed memory caching system, allowing for data and objects to be cached within the RAM rather than being querried each time an individual opens a website.

This tool is perfect for your database–powered websites or apps where your web visitors spend a lot of time exploring as well as checking out information. Memcached is located in the advanced applications section of the Web Control Panel.

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RAM–memorizing in place of HTTP queries

Utilizing the Varnish web accelerator tool built into NR WEB’s Web Control Panel, you can make your website web pages come up more rapidly for your website visitors. All adjustments are done by way of a user friendly interface, with no need to create any direct changes to the back–end code of the web site.

Varnish is really an HTTP acceleration tool that helps the pages run much faster by caching them in the server RAM. This way, after a web page has been opened up by a customer one time, it won’t have to be sent from the server any further, which generally cuts delivery times and accelerates your pages. It’s been measured that Varnish commonly increases delivery times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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Construct adaptable web apps with ease

Node.js supplies an up–to–date coding program for producing scalable apps and web sites in a short time span. It may be utilized for almost everything – from managing API requests, streaming data files and also parsing emails to converting photos, audio files, video clips and office documents.

It’s using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally employs an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and reliable. Also, Node.js possesses a substantial supportive community that makes frequent changes for the program and is also always ready to provide support.

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